What can I say it has been a unique experience working for Z.K Communications. I joined as an agent back in 2015 & have made my way up to the GM of the company. It has been a joy ride for me and I’m really glad to have stuck around.
It has always been an honor for me to be a part of Z.K Communications and that is only because for the fact that it is one of the best places to work, as the higher management is always there for you, they always support you they look out for you and Z.K is basically one of the best call center in the industry I had a tremendous experience with Z.K Comm in the past, I am having one and hope for it to be the same in the future, Z.K provides you with all the necessities needed, I have never faced any issues regarding salaries or commissions being late or held back, Z.K is far more better and organized than practically 85% of the other call centers that are working out there, I have been working here for about two years now and hope to be a part of this amazing organization till I can.
It is always been a wonderful feeling to be a part of Z.K Communications, I started my career as an agent in the very same organization , I left Standard Citi Bank as a Customer Services Executive seeking for a brighter scope and a futuristic job I have never faced any salary issues or anything from the management as well as the Director they have been always helpful and supportive since I have been here, what I think according to my personal experience Z.K is one of the best organizations to work, make money, gain experience and achieve everything  I practically feel it doesn’t matter what a person is looking for in a job, no matter what it is you WILL find everything in Z.K Comm. I look forward to keep on working for this amazing organization.
Z.K Communications I Love You!!
My experience in Z.K is that it is one of the most sophisticated call center in Karachi, I’ve been with this organization for the last 2.5 years now and I’ve never had a feeling occur in me that I should pick up the daily newspaper and flip to the careers section and look for another job, I mean Z.K has it all! they keep you motivated, happy, they back you up each and every time you need them, there practically isn’t anything more that you need to ask for, the management takes very good care of you, your fellow employees become your best buddies, to be honest I’ve been a rolling stone in the market but Z.K, like I said I’ve been here for the last 2 years and plan to be here till I can! Z.K is one and the only call center where you could actually start an excellent career!
It’s always been a pleasure for me to be a part of Z.K Communications and it still is! The things that I really like about Z.K are that the management really supports you and looks after you, they assure that whatever an agent, Team Lead or a Closer needs them, they are there! the most common issue that most people face in this industry is the “salary issue” but I have never faced this issue ever in my three year experience and now I’m still looking forward to work with Z.K till I can just because the environment of Office, the people , each and everything about Z.K is truly amazing and I’m very thankful towards the management who selected me as an agent and I proved myself in the long run that I am capable of achieving more and I did! Now being a Team Lead I am expected to meet my targets, whereas to meet and exceed them. Culturally it doesn’t matter what you did in past but it is how you can make your Present Perfect...
Z.K Communications is a dynamic leading call center and BPO outsourcing company specializing in inbound, outbound and e-commerce telemarketing, customer service and customer relationship management. Z.K Communications setup its operations in Pakistan in 2015 by establishing a contact center with employees.
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